Our Values
Advocacy: We will create and maintain support for children, young adults, and their family in the therapeutic setting as well as their everyday life. We strive to always seek what is best in treatment, for happiness and function to carry over into the home and community. We will act and speak in advocacy, through medical and community relationships as we expressly share in each family’s and child’s dreams and goals.

Creativity: We will utilize boundless creativity throughout our pursuit of excellence and best practice, as we strive to advance each child and young adult in their areas of strength and propel them forward into opportunity and successful accomplishments.

Well-Being: We will strive to support wellness and balance for our families and kids while encouraging development into healthy young adults. We will model well-being as clinicians through our demeanor and as a company through our promotion.

Team Work: We will cooperate in the spirit of team work both internally and externally as we coordinate with other health care providers, parents, co-workers and the community we live in. We will employ the practices of collaboration and enhanced communication to expand the traditional roles of healthcare and to make decisions as a motivated team that works toward a common goal.

Physical Therapists  provide skilled evaluation, consultation, and therapeutic intervention to children across the lifespan in order to improve movement, function, and promote overall health & fitness.  Our physical therapists provide individualized treatment to each child in order to appropriately challenge the child, and to help him/her reach their full potential.

Our Pediatric Physical Therapists treat all of the following, but not limited to: 

- Cerebral Palsy
- Down Syndrome
- Spina Bifida
- Torticollis
- Plagiocephaly
- Developmental Delay
- Hemiplegia
- Traumatic Brain Injury
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Toe-Walking
- Walking Difficulties
- Orthopedic Injuries
- Pain
- Arthritis
- Vestibular Disorders
- Coordination Disorders
- Genetic Syndromes
Our Pediatric Physical Therapists utilize a variety of treatment techniques:
- Neurodevelopmental Techniques
- Kinesiotape
- Myofascial Release
- Serial Casting
- Adaptive Equipment
- Alignment Suits
- Aquatic Therapy
When to consider a referral to pediatric physical therapy?
If your child demonstrates lack of movement, exhibits delay in attainment of gross motor milestones, and/ or is uninterested in play/toys/social interaction, consider reaching out to your doctor for a physical therapy referral.