Aquatic Therapy  is a beneficial form of therapy conducted in a warm water pool during a one on one session with either a licensed physical or occupational therapist. Aquatic therapy is designed to improve muscle strength, gait and locomotion, postural stabilization, balance, coordination, and endurance in a gravity-lessened environment. Tender Touch Therapy offers both aquatic physical therapy and aquatic occupational therapy at the Kenosha YMCA. 

Therapeutic Properties of Water
​​-Buoyancy: the upward force created by water reducing the force of gravity and body weight 
-Drag: the water creates resistance to movement which stimulates the sensory system and improves muscle strength and endurance
-Hydrostatic Pressure: pressure exerted around the body that increases with depth of immersion helping to reduce joint swelling

​​ Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:  ​​
-Sensory Stimulation
-Relaxation of tight and spastic muscles
-Improved ease of movement
​-Improved independence
​-Opportunities for success
​-Decrease swelling and pain 
​-Gain strength and endurance
​-Reduced stress on the joints
​-Increased frequency of repetitions
​-Different form of resistance
​-Aquatic Therapy is FUN!

​​Aquatic services provided at: ​​
​Kenosha YMCA
7101 53rd Street,
Kenosha, WI 53144
(262) 653-9622