Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists provide creative solutions and resources for success in daily activities of self help, play, and school work. 

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists assist children in moving and performing functional activities while promoting overall health and fitness. 

Speech Language Pathology
Speech-Language Pathologists assist children in developing the speech and language skills necessary for effective communication as well as assisting children with feeding disorders. 

Durable Medical Equipment
Tender Touch Therapy offers consultation, evaluation, and recommendations needed to determine the appropriate medical equipment necessary to meet your child and family’s needs.

Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic therapy is a beneficial form of therapy for many different diagnoses and deficits such as neuromuscular musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular/pulmonary disorders. 

Additional Programs and Services
Additional Programs 
  • Rockstar Kidz
  • Higher Level Social Application Group
  • Handwriting Without Tears ® 
  • Climbing New Heights
  • Strength & Conditioning Camp 
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