Aquatic Therapy

Therapeutic properties of water:
  • The water provides buoyancy, which assists our patients with reducing compressive forces on joints and extremities. This is especially important if children have contractures and significant tone in their extremities. The water displaces the child’s body weight when submerged to shoulder level. This reduces force and weight allowing patients to stand in the water with less pain and improve postural alignment. 
  • Water provides resistance against the body, improving muscle strength globally and endurance. The resistance provided is a safe and effective method to strengthen all the bodies’ muscles while reducing stress on skeletal structure.  
  • The pool the Tender Touch Therapy staff provide services in is a warm water pool.  It's heated to 90+ degrees at all times. The warm water assists with relaxation of high muscle tone and joint stiffness. Warm water also increases blood flow to allowing muscles to relax and healing injured areas.
Tender Touch Therapy provides specific skilled occupational and physical therapy intervention to children with special needs. Skilled therapy intervention pertains to using specific clinical reasoning to assess and minimize impairments of the child, who has the potential to reach functional objectives and improve quality of life.  
The facility Tender Touch Therapy utilizes for aquatic therapy is: 
Kenosha YMCA
7101 53rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53144 
(262) 654-9622
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Tender Touch Therapy provides aquatic therapy for children. Aquatic therapy is a beneficial form of therapy for many different diagnoses and deficits such as neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular/pulmonary disorders. Aquatic therapy is designed to improve muscle strength, gait and locomotion, postural stabilization, balance, coordination and endurance. Tender Touch Therapy provides occupational and physical aquatic therapy.